Why CNC Coaching & Communication?

Assess and provide professional and honest advice to our clients on the solutions their business really needs.

Offer fully customized HR, leadership, communication, training and coaching programs that make a real difference.

Provide training programs in an engaging and interactive manner that gains the participants buy-in and willingness not only to learn, but also to apply what they have learnt.

Follow up, provide feedback and go the extra mile as a true development partner.

Are tri-lingual and able to develop and deliver programs in the language of business, English, French and Arabic.

Are customer-oriented and quality driven.

To see a complete list of our certified training programs, visit Our Training Course List.

Our Delivery Methodology

Our training delivery method is involving, participative, interactive and hands-on to help participants retain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will learn on the program. By doing so, the Experiential learning process of making meaning from direct experience is enhanced. Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Thus, we use a variety of techniques and tools during our workshops:


Providing life-like scenarios through structured learning experiences to improve business awareness and management skills

Role play
Presentations, videos and video recording
Case study analysis